Do you guarantee or insure your work?

All our work is fully insured and guaranteed.

I have a business; can you work after business hours?

We operate a 7-day; 24hrs service as to cause less disruption to your working environment.

How often should I clean my carpets?

At least twice a year if you have small children, pets or any suffer from any allergies, and a household with no children or pets I would recommend yearly.

Are any of your products harmful to pets or children?

We use environmentally friendly and 100% safe cleaning solutions.

Do you remove pet odours?

We can neutralise pet odours and deodorise.

Can you remove stains?

Most stains can be removed, if we can get to it early enough and have not been treated by any home stain removals.

How long does it take to dry?

Each carpet and upholstery varies in drying times depending on the type of fiber and thickness also the time of year. Short pile carpet in summer can dry within an hour, drying times are minimal with this cleaning system.