Carpet & Upholstery


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 


Your carpets take a lot of wear and tear, vacuuming is not always enough. Using a professional cleaner will help prolong the life of your carpet and the appearance of all your carpets and upholstery.


If you have small children, pets or if you suffer from allergies, then regular professional cleaning of your carpets and upholstery is a must. All our cleaning solutions we use are environmentally friendly and 100% safe.

The Truck Mounted cleaning equipment is by far one of the best systems available today. Over the past 40 years Leyland Cleaning Services has built an excellent reputation as specialist cleaners of carpets and upholstery, with in the domestic and commercial sectors. Call us today for expert friendly advice or a free quotation.

Carpet Cleaning Specialist

There are many reasons why Leyland Cleaning Services provides one of the best carpet cleaning services. Not least of these is our exclusive hot-water extraction method. We only use the best available cleaning solution on your carpet. Then our magic wand loosens and lifts the dirt and soil from the carpet, without the abrasive brushing of other cleaning methods. And, drying time is faster since most of the moisture is extracted out of the carpet. That means no leftover soapy residue. You say goodbye to dirt, allergens, dust mites and other microscopic pollutants that collect in your carpet.


Fabric & Leather Furniture Cleaners

We have furniture cleaning know-how with the same highly-effective hot-water extraction cleaning method we’ve been using on carpet for years. You can take comfort in the fact that better care extends the life of your investment. Even leather furniture needs a regular cleaning. It takes on the same dirt and pollutants as upholstered furniture. But unlike upholstered furniture, leather faces the added challenge of lost moisture and softness over time.